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Happy New Year!!


Happy New Year everyone! And I'm so very optimistic on 2010. I have great classes waiting for me for next semester, a new set of song from HALCALI coming out, and just got promoted to Admin on so I am feelin' pretty good.

Television:  Dollhouse continued to be epic of course, but my real favorite came out of nowhere: GLEE.  God Glee is good.  It's like Popular combined with High School Musical and it makes me want to sing along every single episode.  Also Brittany might be my favorite television character since Mary Cherry.  No joke.  I bought the DVDs the day they came out and I've already watched them 3 times through.

Japanese Albums:  So many good groups and albums came out this year!  But my two favorites are pretty clear.  First Ravex's Trax album.  It's literally one of very very few absolutely perfect albums.  I never want to skip a single track on it and it flows from excellent Avex artist to even better Avex artist.  Add Tezuka imagery to the mix and it is a 10/10.  Secondly, LISA's new Disco Volante album.  I heard it and couldn't believe my ears.  I NEVER expected that great an album from LISA.  It made me want to vomit rainbows just listening to it.  I didn't think I would ever say it but... if LISA stops her solo stuff to go back to m-flo I will be pissed.

Korean Albums:  Okay so I probably don't listen to enough Kpop to really have an opinion, but I feel that I have to mention how solid T-Ara's Absolute First album was.  It really was the best Korean album I have heard since the Wonder Years.  That's a high compliment from me.  Their music is far too catchy and addictive and it really upsets me that they get overshadowed so easily by CRAP groups like f(x).

Movies:  SHERLOCK HOLMES.  Never has a trailer lied to me so hard.  I saw the trailers and just assumed that they had destroyed some of my favorite books ever.  But in honesty it was one of the most interesting interpretations of the character I have ever seen.  Two thumbs up.

Concerts:  Even though I saw my beloved Wonder Girls live... 5(?) times the best concert I saw during 2009 (really the best concert of my life) goes to Lady Gaga's Fame Ball.  She is truly an entertainer and put on a fantastic show even though I'm fairly certain she was sick.  Her energy, stage antics, and performance were all top notch.  She always gave it her all.  Cherry on top:  Warholian references in her entire act.  <3  I will marry that woman one day!

...and as big a loser as it makes me feel, I'm really excited to continue my DJing and my fanfic writing in 2010.  I had said that I would never write another fic again, but here I am writing a novel sized epic.  And I love every minute of it.  It is definitely my escape from the pressures of med school. 

Well Happy 2010 everyone!  Remember that the future is now!
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